Monday, March 17, 2008

The Elemental Subplane of Mist

The Elemental Subplane of Mist is a subplane where the Elemental Planes of Air and Water intersect. A Great Mist hangs suspended at the very center of the plane, its misty tendrils passing out in all directions all the way to the edge of the plane. It is said that great beings travel the misty tunnels of vapor. Outside the Great Mist, the plane has a calm breeze, which suspends creatures and objects, moving them in a clockwise manner around the exterior of the Great Mist.

The Elemental Subplane of Mist is home to mist elementals, the deep mist dragon, and the gods of obfuscation and warnings. At the edges of the plane are coastal waters which lead nowhere in particular, yet provide the moisture for the Great Mist.

This subplane has the following traits:
* Light winds which keep creatures and objects suspended above a non-extant ground (outside the Great Mist).
* Heavy, moist air (inside the Great Mist).
* Air-dominant, with room for water creatures to thrive.
* Enhanced magic (for the Air and Water domains).
* Impeded magic (for the Earth and Fire domains).

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