Friday, August 15, 2008

GenCon 2008 !

I'm back at GenCon for the second year in a row. This time artist Dan Smith came along for the ride, and we brought some copies of Claw Claw Bite and The Horror of the Old Ones along to get into the hands of the unsuspecting public here.

First of all, it was a long and grueling ride up from Austin to Indianapolis. 19 hours. Here's us contemplating the trees about 12 hours into the drive.

And this is us looking smug (or is it dazed?) after finally arriving and getting our badges for the weekend of gaming debauchery.

Next it was off to the dealer's room to talk to the folks at Paizo about putting some of our stuff in their booth on consignment. Not to spill any beans, but they're talking about making their Pathfinder system (which sold out in one day at their booth) into a brand that others can publish under, just like the d20 system logo. I was so excited because that's exactly what I was hoping they'd develop, and if it works out Unicorn Rampant will publish our d20 / 3.5 material under that brand.

Of course, my favorite part about the dealer's room is the miniatures.

Dan's favorite part was the booth bunnies. There were a lot less this year than last year, including a disappointing lack of any showing of a Conan booth and the attendant she-ras. Or maybe I just missed it.

And of course there were some great costumes again this year. I may cover the costume contest tomorrow, but regardless there will be more pictures in my next post of costumed attendees. Here's Dan's pretending not to be impressed by this girl's great 5th element costume.

After that it was off to the huge RPGA room for some gaming of our own. His paladin did fine and my Eladrin warlord survived in spite of taking over 30 points of damage from a very nasty were-rat under the streets of Waterdeep. Here's a glimpse of the room. There are about three times as many tables as you can see in this picture just for RPGA events. Overall this represents about 1/20 th of the total gaming taking place at GenCon this year. It's pretty mind-boggling, really.

Well, I'm off to bed. At 8 AM our characters need to head off to Baldur's Gate to tackle another adventure!


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Howling Mime said...

Good to see you guys are having fun w/the booth bunnies!

Great posts lately... good luck at Baldur's Gate...

Looking forward to being able to make it next year...