Monday, August 25, 2008

Stealing Moments Released!

This is a dungeon adventure for 10th-level characters. Finally released (in third printing!) after much deliberation and perfectionism... finally getting over that... Here's the blurb:
A group of rogues has moved into a cave in the Silvermist Mountains a few miles uphill hike from the local town of Farreach. These false heroes were once noble and devout, but have become corrupted by loot, lust, and the desire for greater power. They are now working for, or more accurately controlled by, begotten of the old ones, who in turn are working for a stalking eye. They have been performing experiments on the Silver Orb of the Ages, a magic artifact made of magesilver, a magic metal which amplifies arcane magical power.

The Orb can help control the flow of time, making it a powerful item indeed. However, the stalking eye knows not how to wield the Orb's power, and must rely upon the false heroes to learn its secrets.

The party steps in and time flies like an arrow.

This adventure features the veteran writing of Stephen Hilderbrand, author of six other role-playing adventures soon to be published by Unicorn Rampant and Inverspace Press.
And here's the download link.

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