Friday, August 22, 2008


One of my only complaints about 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons is the limited selection of weapons and armors. I do like the improving armors with the higher tiers. But as a fantasy and history buff, it just doesn't feel like D&D unless there are knights in shining armor. And they just seem silly without their lances. So I've written up statistics here for lances, balanced 4th edition style, and written to present the weapon in a fresh way that creates interesting tactical possibilities.
Lances can only be used effectively from a mount's back when it moves, and they are somewhat clumsy, but they are very powerful due to the momentum from using them on a moving mount. So with much fanfare, I present "The Lance"!

This weapon resembles in many ways a longspear, and can only be used to attack from the back of a mount. It may also only be used to attack while charging or immediately following a move of at least 3 squares. It has a heavy counterweight on the butt that balances the weapon and allows it to be used with only one hand. The weapon is a one-handed martial spear type, has a proficiency bonus of +1, deals 1d12+1 points of damage and has reach 2.

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