Thursday, August 14, 2008

Summon Elemental

Summon Elemental - Wizard Attack level 5
An elemental of lower level than the caster appears, summoned from the Elemental Chaos, and you concentrate to make it attack your foes. Should your concentration fail, the angry elemental turns upon you!

Daily - Arcane, Conjuration
Standard Action Ranged 5
per summoned elemental
Hit: per summoned elemental
Effect: You conjure a non-elite, non-solo elemental of lower level than you in an unoccupied square within range, and the elemental can attack using one of it's standard action attacks.
Sustain Minor: You can sustain this power until the end of the encounter by making an Intelligence +5 vs. Will minor-action attack against the conjured elemental. If this attack fails, or if this check is not made due to lack of line of sight or for any other reason, the elemental becomes free to act on its own and immediately attacks the caster.
As long as control is maintained, as a standard action you can direct the elemental to attack using one of its standard-action powers. As a move action you can direct the elemental to move using it's move speed. As a minor action you can direct the elemental to use any minor-action powers it may have. Unless directed in this way the elemental takes no other actions unless it breaks free from your control.
Dismiss Minor: In order to dismiss the summoned elemental back from whence it came you must succeed at a Intelligence +7 vs. Will attack against it. Failure results in the elemental becoming free and attacking you as detailed above. If it manages to slay its conjurer, it is free to either return to the Elemental Chaos or remain to do as it wills.

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