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Character: Gundar Harl, Priest of Pelor (Lvl 5)

Gundar Harl, Priest of Pelor: A warrior priest, born an aristocrat and initiated into the holy mysteries of Pelor, Gundar is as strong as he is charming. Ambitious, and often bold, arrogant, and self-righteous, this young priest prefers to fight evil through heroic deeds rather than preaching to congregations. At the same time he is very used to getting his way in social settings, and is as powerful a debater and diplomat as he is a warrior, making him a natural leader.

Gundar can be used in your game as a ready-made PC or NPC. As a NPC he could travel with the party for a time, perhaps as they assist him with a task or vanquish some evil. He could also be useful as a contact or ally from within the temple he eventually builds. You may also find Gundar Harl useful as an antagonist, either unchanged or with slight modifications to his alignment or spells. In this case his equipment should also be reduced, as he was given equipment appropriate for a PC (at 5th and 10th level) and as such would provide an unbalancing amount of treasure for his EL.

Tactics: Gundar casts spells to increase his combat effectiveness then closes and brings an end to evil in melee combat with his mace and touch spells. As he gains levels he gets more spells that also help those around him, and a few spells to weaken his foes.

Backstory: Gundar is the youngest son of a minor lord, who was sent to a big cathedral to study. Here, he earned the trust of his god through his studies. Now he has been sent forth on his journeymanship to prove himself in deeds, to spread the word of Pelor to the masses. He discovered that he is more interested in and is better at directly fighting evil than in proselytising, or fighting evil in his fellow man's souls. He grew weary of the notion of settling down, being more excited about adventuring and building a cathedral of his own, having a parish of his own, one day rising to become a bishop.

This has created a slight rift between him and his elders; he has become a slight outcast among his peers and those who taught him his ways. He is still true to Pelor, so having his own parish makes sense to him. He connects with people through more everyday events rather than as a preacher, though at times he can be arrogant and self righteous. As such, he can be easily persuaded to accept missions to fight evil. This is one of his weaknesses. His other is his pride and greed: he wishes to become an important and wealthy person in the church, though this does not ultimately prevent him from carrying out Pelor's will and doing good.

Gundar Harl NG Size Medium Male Human Cleric 5 CR 5
Senses: normal vision
Listen +3 Spot +3

AC: 21 (-1 dex, +9 armor, +2 shield, +1 deflection)
HD: 5d8 HP: 28

MV: 20' or 50' mounted
Base Attack: +3 Grp: +6
Attack: +7 heavy mace (1d8+4) or +2 Heavy Crossbow (1d10, 19-20 x2)

F: +5 R: +1 W: +8
s: 16 (+3) d: 9 c: 11 i: 10 w: 16 (+3) c: 15 (+2)
Feats: Power Attack, Cleave, Mounted Combat

Skills: concentration +8, diplomacy +10, know religion +2, know history +2, profession (barrister) +5, spellcraft +2
Gear: (9000 gp worth) gold holy symbol of pelor, +1 full plate (2650gp), +1 heavy mace (2312gp), MW Large Steel Sheild (170gp), Heavy crossbow (50gp), 10 bolts, white tabard with gold sun sewn on chest, Red Cloak or Resistance +1 (1000gp), Ring of Protection +1, heavy warhorse with saddle, bit and saddlebags (426), backpack, 3 flasks of holy water (75), bedroll, 3 torches, 5 days rations, etc.

SA: Cleric Spells (Domains: Strength, Sun), Turn Undead, Greater Turning 1/day, Feat of Strength (+5 str 1/day for 1 rd.)
Spells Prepared:
3rd (2+1): bestow curse, inflict serious wounds, searing light*
2nd (3+1): inflict moderate wounds, sound burst, spiritual weapon, bull strength*
1st (4+1): cause fear, divine favor, magic stone, doom, enlarge person*
0th (5): detect magic, guidance, inflict minor wounds, mending, resistance
* : domain spell

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