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Character: Gundar (Lvl 15)

Unsuited to paladinhood, Gundar Harl nevertheless continued his career as an adventuring priest. He grew wiser but eventually reached the limit of his abilities as a cleric. From within the stained-glass windowed cathedral he had built he became more interested in the natural world and the sun's place in it, and after deep contemplation of this mystery Pelor granted him powers related to the sun the better to fight evil.

Gundar Harl LG Size Medium Male Human Cleric 14, Master of Radiance** 1 CR 15
Senses: normal vision
Listen +3 Spot +3

AC: 25 (-1 dex, +11 armor, +4 shield, +1 deflection)
HD: 15d8+15 HP: 90

MV: 20', fly 40' or 50' mounted
Base Attack: +10/+5 Grp: +14
Attack: +16/+11 heavy mace (1d8+4) or +9 Heavy Crossbow (1d10, 19-20 x2)

F: +12 R: +3 W: +14
s: 16[18] (+4) d: 9 c: 12 (+1) i: 10 w: 17 (+3) c: 15 (+2)
Feats: Power Attack, Cleave, Mounted Combat, Improved Sunder, Negotiator, Ride-By Attack, Spell Penetration.

Skills: concentration +18, diplomacy +19, know religion +4, know history +4, know nature +8, profession (barrister) +6, sense motive +5, spellcraft +2
Gear: (76,000 gp worth) gold holy symbol of pelor, Greater Marbles of Ulthar***, +3 full plate (10,650gp), +3 flaming heavy mace (32,312gp), +2 Large Steel Sheild (4170gp), Heavy crossbow (50gp), 10 bolts, white tabard with gold sun sewn on chest, Red Cloak or Resistance +1 (1000gp), Ring of Protection +1, gauntlets of ogre power (4000), Winged Boots (16,000), heavy warhorse with saddle, bit and saddlebags (426), backpack, 3 flasks of holy water (75), bedroll, 3 torches, 5 days rations, etc.

SA: Cleric Spells (Domains: Strength, Sun), Turn Undead (as 15th level), Greater Turning 1/day, Feat of Strength (+15 str 1/day for 1 rd.), Radiant Aura 1/day
Spells Prepared:
7th: (2+1): holy word, mass inflict light wounds, sunbeam*
6th: (3+1): harm, heal, undeath to death, stoneskin*
5th: (3+1): dispel evil, flame strike, spell resistance, righteous might*
4th: (4+1): death ward, divine power, dismissal, freedom of movement, fire shield*
3rd (5+1): bestow curse, blindness, dispel magic, inflict serious wounds, prayer, searing light*
2nd (6+1): aid, align weapon, inflict moderate wounds, sound burst, 2x spiritual weapon, bull strength*
1st (6+1): bless, fear, 2x divine favor, magic stone, doom, enlarge person*
0th (6): detect magic, guidance, inflict minor wounds, light, mending, resistance
* : domain spell

Radiant Aura(Su): A master of radiance can emanate an aura of brilliant light that weakens undead creatures. The aura provides bright illumination in a 30 foot radius around the character, and a shadowy illumination for an additional 30 feet beyond that. Creatures that take penalties in bright light also take them while within the radius of the bright aura. In addition, undead creatures within the radius of bright light take -2 penalty on attack rolls, damage rolls and saving throws.
Activating the radiant aura is a free action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity While her radiant aura is active, a master of radiance casts spells with the light descriptor at +2 caster level.
The aura lasts one minute, and is the equivalent of a 5th level spell with the light descriptor for the purpose of interacting with spells and effects with the darkness descriptor.

** Master of Radiance: see Libris Mortis p 45.
*** Marbles of Ulthar: see Claw / Claw / Bite at http://clawclawbite.blogspot.com/2006/07/magic-item-marbles-of-ulthar.html

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