Friday, July 07, 2006

Magic Item: Marbles of Ulthar

Originally developed in lands far to the south, beyond the river Skai, Marbles of Ulthar have grown in popularity among lay- and street magicians. When the marbles are cast against the ground, or another being, they instantly become a creature corresponding with each marble type, as if summoned via Summon Monster. Each marble is consumed in this process, so the bags of marbles have charges equal to the number of marbles in the pouch. These marbles are usually found in bags of about twenty, distributed roughly as 50% cat’s eyes (typical housecats), 20% large cat’s eyes (Ulthar cats), 10% dark cloudy (panther), 10% milky (lynx) and 10% swirl (tiger). The summoned creatures last 10 minutes.

The effects are as a medium conjuration, caster level 7. In order to create this item, the creator must have Craft Wonderous Item and cast Summon Nature’s Ally 4 or Summon Monster 4, along with a tuft of feline fur. Price: 2,000gp.

There are two variants. The Minor Marbles of Ulthar have a 25% chance of summoning great cats and a 75% chance of summoning housecats, and cost 1,000gp. The Greater Marbles of Ulthar have a 75% change of summoning great cats, priced at 4,000gp.

For a description of Ulthar cats, see the upcoming entry on them.

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