Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Character: Gundar (Lvl 10)

During this phase of his life, Gundar Harl's main goal is to establish a temple. Useful both as a base of operations and as a source of income. He will either try to reconcile himself to the elders of his church or, failing that, build it in an area where a temple to Pelor does not yet exist.

Gundar Harl LG Size Medium Male Human Cleric 10 CR 10
Senses: normal vision
Listen +3 Spot +3

AC: 23 (-1 dex, +10 armor, +3 shield, +1 deflection)
HD: 10d8+10 HP: 62

MV: 20', fly 40' or 50' mounted
Base Attack: +7/+2 Grp: +11
Attack: +12/+7 heavy mace (1d8+4) or +6 Heavy Crossbow (1d10, 19-20 x2)

F: +9 R: +3 W: +11
s: 16(18) (+4) d: 9 c: 12 (+1) i: 10 w: 16 (+3) c: 15 (+2)
Feats: Power Attack, Cleave, Mounted Combat, Improved Sunder, Negotiator

Skills: concentration +13, diplomacy +17, know religion +4, know history +4, profession (barrister) +6, sense motive +5, spellcraft +2
Gear: (49,000 gp worth) gold holy symbol of pelor, +2 full plate (5650gp), +2 flaming heavy mace (18,312gp), +1 Large Steel Sheild (1170gp), Heavy crossbow (50gp), 10 bolts, white tabard with gold sun sewn on chest, Red Cloak or Resistance +1 (1000gp), Ring of Protection +1, gauntlets of ogre power (4000), Winged Boots (16000), heavy warhorse with saddle, bit and saddlebags (426), backpack, 3 flasks of holy water (75), bedroll, 3 torches, 5 days rations, etc.

SA: Cleric Spells (Domains: Strength, Sun), Turn Undead, Greater Turning 1/day, Feat of Strength (+10 str 1/day for 1 rd.),
Spells Prepared:
5th: (2+1): flame strike, spell resistance, righteous might*
4th: (3+1): death ward, divine power, dismissal, freedom of movement, fire shield*
3rd (4+1): bestow curse, dispel magic, inflict serious wounds, prayer, searing light*
2nd (5+1): aid, align weapon, inflict moderate wounds, sound burst, spiritual weapon, bull strength*
1st (5+1): bless, fear, divine favor, magic stone, doom, enlarge person*
0th (6): detect magic, guidance, inflict minor wounds, light, mending, resistance
* : domain spell

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