Friday, July 07, 2006

Claw/Claw/Bite Begins!

Hail and well met, fellow roleplayers! This is where the writers of Unicorn Rampant will share their wares, or, at least, little snippets to whet your appetite for more. Every week, we plan to update this blog with at least one new character, one new creature, one new magic item, and one area description (on the scale of a farmstead, inn, or small town). Other little nuggets will also find their way onto this space. These components will also find their way into our published modules for your use as a storyteller/gamemaster. These modules will mostly conform to DnD 3.5 rules, though some will take place in modern or other settings.

Chances are, we'll do most of our main updates on Monday, and refine them over the week, so check back at the beginning of the workweek to help shake off the early-workweek rust. Let us adventure together.

Fare thee swell!

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