Monday, July 23, 2007

Cloak of Shadows

This deeply cowled cloak follows the wearer like a shifting mantle of clinging darkness.
Minor Cloak of Shadows: Wearing this cloak grants a + 5 circumstance bonus to Hide checks.

Faint illusion; CL 3rd; Craft Wondrous Item, invisibility; Price 2,500 gp; Weight 1 lb.
Cloak of Shadows: as above, and also can project no light as the spell at will. In a 20 ft. radius around the wearer no natural light can penetrate, and so all in the area gain total concealment. The area looks as though it is cloaked in deepest shadow. Magical light illuminates this area normally, and darkvision operates normally in this area.

Faint illusion and conjuration; CL 3rd; Craft Wondrous Item, invisibility, darkness; Price 4,000 gp; Weight 1 lb.

Major Cloak of Shadows: as above, and 1/ day it can be used to summon forth a mass of tentacles that grapple foes within 10', per black tentacles. The tentacles have a grapple bonus of +15, a 19 strength, and deal 1d8+4 points of bludgeoning damage on their turn with a successful grapple check. Once summoned, the tentacles persist for 7 rounds.

Faint illusion and moderate conjuration; CL 7th; Craft Wondrous Item, invisibility, darkness, black tentacles; Price 14,080 gp; Weight 1 lb.

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Howling Mime said...

cool! nice image. love the concept. we should do a "dandy issue" containing clothing -- brooches, cloaks, hats, glove, purses, and other fine things for fine folks...