Sunday, July 15, 2007

King Vandor

The sole heir of the namesake of Vandor, Han Vandor came of age when his father was prematurely slain in a battle over the lands to the west. Generally regarded as a benevolent ruler of his own people, Vandor wisely made peace with these lands, and they coexisted for sixty years. Vandor saw many of the leaders of the neighboring lands come and go; his kingdom flourished while they waged trade wars. Despite the aggressive neighbors, he helped maintain the borders of his lands without igniting a war. Vandor had 10 sons and one daughter, his youngest, who it is said was lured into a witch coven, causing the venerable king to succumb to heart troubles and pass within six months of the news.

After his death, there was much disagreement about the governance of the lands, so the kindom split into the Ten Pricedoms, each led by one of his sons. Shaana has not been seen since the rumors hit the streets.

Many paintings and mosaics show the king as an introspective soul. There are almost no artistic renditions of him in an unfavorable light.

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