Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The Jæruel

The Jæruel is a collection of fishing villages, mining towns, and tradespeople united under a merchant flag with three intersecting rings in the center over a brown backdrop with a sinister silver bend from the upper right to the lower left. The towns are officially independent, but they follow the lead provided by Tannen. The Jæruel merchant house which provides the name for the region is much more hierarchical, keeping strong hold over the markets in each of the towns, especially those higher up in the power structure. The only standing army is privately run by the merchants of the Jæruel.

The towns and villages of Jæruel:

- Tannen - capital of Jæruel - bustling port town - what Onuago was built after - full of hides and wines other goods from all over the Jæruel (5,000)
- Piran Point - fishing and trading village (920)
- Flego - fishing village (400)
- Uppwint - named for the strong winds that bring fog and quick shifts in the weather to this quaint fishing village (200)
- Trover - fishing town (400)
- Alabaster - inland named for the stone mined from its cliffs (500)
- Junction - a "middle man's" town at the intersection of trade routes (3,000)
- Himas - a stop on the path of produce to market in Junction (200)
- Franti - wine production, source of Franti grapes (600)
- Furton - wine production, source of Furton grapes, also furs all sent to Tannen (800)
- Ches (pronounced Shez) - fresh water fishing along a broad bend in the river (400)
- Westfort - a fort-like outpost in the mountains to the west of Tannen and Ches that provides hides and timber (200)

Small settlements are developing in the lands to the west of Franti and Furton, but they have not taken significant shape. Some of them have met with ruin due to various invaders -- bandits, goblins, and even nefarious pixies getting in on the raiding action.

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