Sunday, July 08, 2007

Nagy Tömeg Mountains

The Nagy Tömeg are a Mountain range in the center of the Farghol, the northwest border of the Lands of Northbay, the southeast border of the Central Valley.

Deep in the mountains live Deep Gnomes, though they are not often bothered by the Gnomes who live closer to the surface, so there has been little contact between the groups over the ages.

Surface Gnomes live in caves above ground on the north side of the mountains facing the valley, and have built an elaborate series of mechanized lifts to move goods out of the mountains. These lifts also operate in subterranean mines that dot the range. The raw materials and the goods crafted from these materials are the main source of the local economy.

Much of the interior of the range has not been explored by those friendly with humans. It is rumored that fierce Giants live in the center of the mountains. In addition, the bellows of an ancient wyrm have also been heard, coinciding with thunder and lightning storms that rip through the valley in the spring. These have been isolated to emanating from the side of the range that faces Elsemere Wood, where no humans dare go.

Rivers run down the north side of the Nagy Tömeg into the Central Valley. On the floor of the Central Valley live halflings and quarterlings, also more appropriately called three-quarterlings. There are also a few human settlements in the valley, numbering close to 300 inhabitants.

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