Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Phyloctæte

This empire was once ruled by a council of four powerful mages, who, in their lust for control, ended up waging war with one-another in a three month period which has been come to be known as the Four Mage War. Nestled in between three other human-controlled lands, their war bled over into neighboring lands, with mages flying through the air, wyrms and other creatures battling across the lands. This made the Phyloctæte a feared land in bard's tales, and to this day, people fear the regime of the victor, Feryn Dyndle, who shares her human lineage with that of the elves. Some people have spread rumors that full-blooded elves from faraway lands had something to do with her success in wresting control of the Phyloctæte from the other, full-human mages.

At the end of the war, one of the mages was killed, another sought refuge in the Astral Plane, and the other surrendered to Feryn Dyndle.

To the northwest of the Phyloctæte, across the Windplains, lies the Kingdom of Altæa. King Harald Altæa has no patience for the war that has affected villages in his domain.

To the west, over the Mountains of Insor, lies the relatively peaceful, multi-racial democratic republic of Nelshun. The Phyloctæte has had few dealings with Nelshun, so it remains to be seen how the new ruler will be received.

To the south, the militaristic Republic of Esrun controls the vast plains of Yæns. Esrun has for years planned to move on the Phyloctæte, and now may be their chance, with the council at it's weakest. Rumors have it that they have stepped up production of swords and spears, and have recently domesticated some Yæns horses, which make powerful mounts.

To the southeast, through the Border Forest, the Ten Princedoms have formed out of the old Kingdom of Vandor, following the death of King Vandor.

The people of the Phyloctæte have grown weary of the Four Mage War, and have welcomed the recent cease-fire. They are busy rebuilding the towns and villages that make up their nation. Many of them could care less who rules the land, as long as they are left to their arts, crafts, and other skilled trades. Many would like to reap the benefits of trading with the neighboring nations.

Meanwhile, Feryn Dyndle is installing her elven brethren as the ministers and administrators of the nation.

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