Friday, October 20, 2006

Information Gathering: Rumors Around Baron von Stieglitz

(this post has already been published in issue 3 of the Claw/Claw/Bite monthly)

Here are some rumors regarding the Baron, along with their accuracy.

DC 10: "St. Zek's Day isn't being held this year... This is a first... the Baron must be going through some hard times."

DC 15: "The Baron has lost control of his men-at-arms. His forces are split into four competing factions and they now scour the countryside as bandits."

DC 20: "They say the Baron has gone mad. He is now a savage shadow of his former self."

DC 25: "I hear the Baron doesn't leave his room anymore. He haunts his looted castle as a twisted creature of evil."

If the players fail their Gather Information check, they get false or misleading information. This isn't because the locals are intentionally attempting to fool the party. Rather it is because the party is talking to people that have themselves received information from questionable sources or second-, third-, and fourth-hand accounts.

If the party attempts a Gather Information and the check result is between 6 to 9, they hear partially accurate rumors:

"I've heard the Baron had an affair with a young servant woman. She's having his illegitimate child."

"The Baron's not having the festival this year because his castle is haunted. One of the ghosts from his long-dead rivals, I hear."

If the party attempts a Gather Information and the check result is between 1 to 5, they hear outright fabrications:

"I've heard tales of dragons in the Cyruk mountains. I'd beware."

"The Baron is dead and one of his lieutenants is pretending to be him and ruling in his place."

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