Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Location: Harpy Point - Pirate Cove

Eventually, the party makes it out to the pirate cove, an abandoned smuggling port underneath Harpy Point. This is close to where this Old God holds dominion.
The sour smell of fermented seaweed assaults your nostrils as you enter the chamber. The boat shifts from a rough ride into a calm float, and you’re forced to paddle if you wish to move. Strangely dressed black lizard folk are loading crates into a ship that’s docked at the main dock.

The crates are the archaeological remains of an ancient civilization that the lizardmen have been unearthing under the sea. Think Atlantis. The goal is to remove all evidence of the ancient humans to solidify the old gods’ place in the world.

In the undersea, the party discovers demonic creatures in stasis, protected from the sea by bubbles. Here, they lie in wait, unaging, dimly seeing until they are awoken. What awakens them? Once they awaken, their full plan is revealed. What is it?

(this too is old, so we'll have to go through it and update it as the story develops)


possible encounters:
-colony of harpies
-colony of gargoyles / party of gargoyles – with some levels of f / s / r / rng ?

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