Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Location: The Temple of the Freed Slave

This temple was founded many years ago by a former galley slave who became a worshiper and priest of Kord.

As a galley slave the ship he was rowing was breached and began to sink. As he and all the galley slaves began to be pulled under the frothy salty water the ship's wheel, broken from it's place, was pushed against his chest by the rushing waters. The wheel broke such that all that was left were eight of the spokes, in the shape of the holy symbol of Kord. The slave felt a sudden rush of strength and broke the chains dragging him and his rowing-mates to the briny deep. They floated on the wreckage until they washed ashore. Praising Kord for their freedom and their lives, the galley slave founded a temple on the spot.

Over the years the temple has become famous throughout the region because the priests of the temple will give sanctuary to any slave that comes to their temple. Many eventually join the clergy there, others eventually leaving, with help from the priests, to start new lives once they are no longer sought after.


1 Steps and Entrance

The huge open face of this temple is supported by strong marble pillars and looks our over the sea to the horizon. The sandy beach leads to large steps that rise to the huge chapel.

2 Hall and Exercise Room

This large room's lofty ceiling is supported by large marble pillars. The sight, sound and smell of the unstoppable sea fill this hall from one end, while a wide set of steps lead up to a chapel to Kord, at the end of which light streams through stained glass windows, tinted red and gold.

Often this room is host to groups of worshipers, priests and slaves given sanctuary. They spend their time discussing the merits and philosophy of Kord and engaged in physical contests such as wrestling.

3, 4 Chapel (EL 10)

An open archway leads into a small serene chapel decorated with holy symbols and icons of various good deities. A life-sized bronze statue stands on a pedestal near the archway.

Creatures: Bronze Golems (1 or 2). These sentries guard the inner areas of the temple in the wings. If they detect strong evil in those entering they will leap down off their pedestals and seize the interlopers, wrestling them to the ground until the priests of the temple can come and decide their fate.

5, 6 Storage

Bags, barrels, crates and shelves hold the supplies of this temple.

7 Priest's Offices

8 Requilary & Treasury

9 Novice's and Guest's Rooms

10, 11 Priest's Quarters

12 Chapel

This chapel features a smooth altar to Kord carved from red-veined marble, with Kord's wheel engraved on the front. Tall stained glass windows fill the back and sides of the room with a soft light. The windows depict the galley slave being granted the strength to save himself and his shipmates by the benevolence of Kord, their tenacity drifting on the open sea, and the founding of the temple on the sands, along with other scenes glorifying Kord.

Note: this temple is based on stories from the ancient greeks. The greek's first historian retells the existence of a temple to Herecles which stood on the shores of Egypt that had the same policy of sheltering escaped slaves. As such it can be changed to suit your game world by dedicating it to whatever gods of strength or freedom you choose, or altering it in any other way.

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