Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Location: Thorp of Talook

Nestled at the foot of the Cyrűk mountains, the thorp of Talook's stone hovels are visible for many miles down the road. Tiny plumes of smoke rise from each of the huts set close together for protection.
When the party arrives, the citizens are busy setting up a makeshift celebration to honor St. Zelnyeki the following weekend.

Population: 58
GP Limit (price of most expensive item available in thorp): 40gp
Ready Cash: 116gp
Power Center: conventional (Anna Červená), LN (with good tendencies)

Highest Level Locals:
Adept: 1st
Barbarian: 1st
Cleric: 1st - Caretaker of the tiny wooden chapel that is the spiritual center of the town.
Commoner: 5th
Expert: 5th
Figher: 4th - Orlay Petronova - older man, appointed by the Baron's father as magistrate of Talook. Orlay supports Anna as the last legitimate authority for the region.
Monk: 1st - An ascetic who has taken a vow of silence and lives on the church grounds tending the communal gardens.
Ranger: 2nd
Warrior: 2nd

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